Aleister Crowley

The Constitutions of the Order of Thelemites

This is a historical document written by Aleister Crowley (and maybe Theodor Reuss), however the origin is unclear.

It is known that Aleister Crowley sent a manuscript of Liber Cadaveris to Frater Semper Peratus (James Thomas Windram) as part of the material involved in an Order called „The Order of Thelemites“; presented in this lineage as the Order of Thelema. This order provides for the direct training of the Disciple by the Master. The Zelator has the right to be invited to enter into this relationship with an Adeptus of the Order; who is in turn the Disciple of a Magister.

Here are some historical facts (by Sabazius) that may help identify the timeline of this document:

  • Aleister Crowley (Baphomet, Oct. 12, 1875 – Dec. 1, 1947), was admitted to the three degrees of O.T.O. in 1910 by Theodor Reuss (Merlin Peregrinus, June 28, 1855 – Oct. 28, 1923). On April 21, 1912, Reuss issued a charter to Crowley, for no money, appointing him National Grand Master General X° of O.T.O. for Great Britain and Ireland. Crowley’s appointment included authority over an English language rite of the lower (Masonic) degrees of O.T.O. which was given the name „Mysteria Mystica Maxima”, or M∴M∴M∴.
  • In September of 1912, Theodor Reuss published the “Jubilee Edition” of the “Oriflamme”, which was the first issue of the “Oriflamme” to discuss O.T.O. in any detail, and it was almost entirely devoted to O.T.O. matters. Carl Kellner (Renatus, Sept. 1, 1851 – June 7, 1905), Theodor Reuss (Merlin Peregrinus) and Aleister Crowley (Baphomet) were listed as X° members of O.T.O.
  • Also in 1912, Crowley published the “Manifesto of the M∴M∴M∴”, in which M∴M∴M∴ was identified as the British Section of the O.T.O., which “includes all countries where English is generally spoken.”
  • On February 15, 1913, Crowley adopted a “Constitution for the M∴M∴M∴”, subject to the General Constitution of O.T.O.
  • On March 19, 1913, Crowley and Reuss jointly chartered James Thomas Windram (Mercurius, 1877-1939) as the O.T.O.’s official representative in South Africa.

Accordingly, since this document appoints Magne Honoratum Fra∴ “Semper Paratum” 6○=5□ A∴A∴ (James Thomas Windram) as a supreme authority of the “Order of Thelemites” [1 (a)], it must originate from after March 19, 1913.

Also note, there is » another version of „The Constitutions of the Order of Thelemites“, which looks more like a draft, probably preceding this final (?) version.


“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.“ – AL:I.40

“The Word of the Law is Thelema“ – AL:I.39

“Who calls us Thelemites will do no wrong, if he look but close into the word.
For there are therein three grades, the Hermit, and the Lover, and the Man of Earth.“

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” – AL:I.40

In the Order of Thelema (as also given in Liber AL vel Legis) there are but three grades: the Hermit, the Lover, and the Man of Earth. In all official documents of the Order (of Thelema) they are referred to respectively, as Magister, Adeptus, and Zelator. The original constitution (written by TO MEGA THERION, 666, 9○=2□ A∴A∴) distinctly appoints Magne honoratum Fra∴ „Semper Paratum“ 6○=5□ A∴A∴ (James Thomas Windram) as sole and supreme authority with the Fiat and Veto absolutely belonging the Master Therion.

The order is involved in both the direct training of its members for Adepthood and the institution of those rituals of initiation for the A∴A∴ in the Outer; also known as the Golden Dawn (G∴D∴); specifically, Liber XXVIII: Septem Regnum Sactorum or Ceremony of the Seven Holy Kings (given specifically to talented Probationers who have strayed from their Neschamah and as seen fit by application to the Supreme Adept), Liber DCLXXI: Liber Pyramidos vel Throa (given unto newly formed Neophytes unto the A∴A∴) and finally Liber CXX: Liber Cadaveris or Passing Through the Tuat (given unto those Zelators who would elect to join the Order of Thelema).

Sepher Colloquium, which includes the general plan of the AOM and the AMHR (along the with GCL) is to be put before all members of the Order along with the requirements to serve these orders by direct involvement (until the Great Retirement unto the Grade of Magister) in order to train the community in the most enlightened institutions, wherein the True Will of the Individual and the Community will be developed and held inviolate.

Consonant with the principles of the Order, propaganda may be undertaken with a view to the removal of arbitrary restrictions on the Will of the individual, and to co-ordinate the laws of every country to the Law of Thelema. The Order of Thelema shall strive to establish a code, the sole object of which shall be to prevent any man, or body of men, from interfering with the True Will of another as in the case of murder, robbery, rape, etc. it shall similarly strive to create a Public Opinion in favor of social tolerance of all opinions and practices which do not interfere with the True Will of the Individual and the Community.

The Order of Thelemites is categorically opposed to:

All superstitious religions, as obstacles to the establishment of scientific religion. All codes of morality which fail to conform with „Love under Will“.

All social or political systems which tend to hinder the development of hegemony of individual genius.

All forms of education which fail to assist the biological aim of the pupil.

All ordinances which tend to obstruct the course of nature in eliminating the unfit.

Generally, all things which conflict with the text of Liber AL vel Legis.

„Dost thou fail? Art thou sorry? Is fear in thine heart?
Where I am these are not.“
– AL:II.46-47

The Order of Thelema is subject directly to and composed severally of those of the Inner Order of the Rosy Cross or Roseae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis (R.R. et A.C.). The Zelators of the Order begin the formal study of the Magickal Formula of the Rosy Cross as preparation for the knowledge and conversation of the Sovereign Sanctuary of the Gnosis and the subsequent practice thereof within that Sanctuary. This is in addition to his or her Oath and Task of a Zelator, Practicus and Philosophus as well even that of the Dominis Liminis.

Additionally, the Order of Thelema is quite militant in its Mystical, Magickal, and Occult approach to Lodge work. Its purpose is to function as a sort of ‘boot-camp’ to train the Zelator to attain the Knowledge & Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel by the Adeptus and to complete the training of the Adeptus and drive him or her to the brink of the Abyss…and by the Magister, already projected back down into the Ruach. Additionally, of these ranks, administrative officers are routinely appointed to see to the ministerial affairs of the lineage.

Hence the Supreme Adept of this reconstituted order must be an Adeptus of extraordinary capacity. This Adeptus is subject only to his or her Magister whom is the Ultimate Adept; even unto the Grade of Magus in the A∴A∴. The Supreme Adept shall use his or her own discretion, involving the formation of any Legislative, Administrative, Executive or other bodies; but no delegation of his authority to other persons shall relieve such of his or her direct responsibility to the Ultimate Adept; nor of his or her direct responsibility to each member of the Order of Thelema severally.

„Also the mantras and spells; the obeah and the wanga;
the work of the wand and the work of the sword:
these he shall learn and teach.
He must teach; but he may make severe the ordeals.“
– AL:I.37-38

The Supreme Adeptus shall in fact regard him or herself as the alter Ego of TO MEGA THERION; that is, as an utterance of the Word of the Aeon transmitted by Aiwass through the Beast, and thence through the Supreme Adeptus and unto the whole world. There shall thus be no limit of any kind to his or her word, save only insofar as the Wisdom of the Ultimate Adept may govern his or her power.

Additionally, the Supreme Adept may issue similar charters under this constitution to persons in other countries; but such persons shall be directly responsible to the Supreme Adept as in the same way as the Supreme Adept is subordinate to the yoke of the Ultimate Adept. And further, the Supreme Adept shall be entitled to issue Provisional Constitutions of the Order secondary to these presents; the which he or she may keep secret, as political convenience may demand. The Supreme Adept may then regard him or herself as bound to these Presents in the Spirit, while maintaining his or her own Provisional Constitutions in the letter.

For any legitimate lineage of the A∴A∴, Liber Cadaveris as it originally appears has been compromised by the Caliphate OTO as they proved their lack of respect for the spiritual leadership of the A∴A∴ in publishing the original version on the Internet as well as in other places (amongst other similar acts beyond the scope of this document, i.e.: Publishing the Equinox, vol. IV — an impudent volume that mocks those numbers previously printed by other lineages of the A∴A∴ with seemingly succeeding numbering). It is the initiatory rite that comprises the induction into the Order of Thelema.

However, the Order of Thelema fulfills the directive given in Liber AL vel Legis. The Zelator has the right to receive an invitation to join this order. At this point, should the Zelator accept, he or she is immediately transferred from the tutelage of the admitting Practicus (assuming the admitting Practicus in not an Adeptus) and placed under the charge of an Adeptus of the Order.

Should the Zelator elect not to accept the invitation, an abridged version of Liber Cadaveris is available for the personal use of the Aspirant. In this way, the Zelator is enabled to continue with the initiatory plan of the A∴A∴ on and up to the Grade of Adeptus Minor and from which point the A∴A∴ abandons the newly formed Adept unto his or her Holy Guardian Angel.

The initiation of a Zelator shall take place under four Eyes and shall be administered in the form given in Schedule A, as attached to this constitution. Additionally, all Zelators shall use the daily invocation given in Liber CC (Resh vel Helios), the rituals of Liber XXV (Star Ruby), Liber H (V vel Reguli), and Liber XLIV (Mass of the Phoenix), and the saying of Will before meat and/or the main meal of the day as taught by his or her superior in the A∴A∴.

Membership to the Order of Thelema may be granted by certificate from the Supreme Adept or his or her duly appointed delegate. The qualifications shall be the signing of the Pledge-Form following:

„I, ________________, being in possession of a copy of the Book of the Law and the Comment thereon first and especially by 666 and then by his successors, and having studied for Eleven Days, do Solemnly Declare that I accept the Law of Thelema, that I will discover my True Will, and to do it.“

It shall be open for any Zelator to aspire to the Grade of Adeptus. The qualifications for this shall be the regular training of the A∴A∴ and the emissary of his or her Adeptus who shall be at least a Lord of the Paths of the Vault of the Adepts. The Adeptus empowered to raise the Zelator shall do so by virtue of both having been chartered by the Supreme Adeptus and having been directly the Overseer of the Zelator’s technical training.

Preparation for the aspiring Adeptus shall eventually and also involve Liber DCCC (Sameck: Theurgia Goetia Summa — Congressus cum Daemone) and he or she shall ultimately add to these practices those given in Liber XXXVI (Star Sapphire) which will ultimately involve the employment of Liber C: Emblems & Modes of Use as given in Schedule B and attached to this constitution.

„For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect.“ – AL.I.44

The Zelator may also be assisted in the discovery of his or her True Will by personal advice from the Ultimate Adeptus or any Magister as may be appointed by the Ultimate Adeptus. The conditions precedent to applying for such assistance are subject to the consent and approval of another Adeptus of the Order of whom is not the Overseer of the Zelator. And under the direction of the Ultimate Adeptus, Adepti of the Order may give assistance of a more elementary kind to groups, as by lectures, etc.

All Zelatores shall have the right to a period of training at any Abbey of Thelema upon formal application to the Abbot in charge. Included in the application will be the exact specification of the nature of the training and the length of the Magickal Retirement. The Abbot will also be subject to the advice of the Overseer of the Zelator and distinctively talented in the subject matter of the training.

As such, the Abbot may alter the length of the training period in accordance with either the completion of the training or the consent of both the Zelator and his or her Overseer. Yet, the Abbot will be primarily responsible for the room and board of the Zelator and will practice the art of Thelemic Hospitality. The Zelator will be subject to acts of Karma-Yoga in the day-to-day toil of upkeeping the Abbey.

„Every man and every woman is a star.“ – AL:I.3

Zelatores who have to their own satisfaction and that of the Ultimate Adept or his appointed Magister, discovered their True Wills are to be granted a distinctive badge and a certificate which is endorse with the words: „Success is your proof.“, by the Ultimate Adept, along with a brief statement of the circumstances of their case. These circumstances shall have been previously argued before the Council of Elders whom serve the Magisteri of the Order of Thelema.

The Pledge-Form for an Adeptus, or acting Adeptus, shall be both identical to the Pledge-Form of the Zelator along with the following, additional clause:

„I further pledge myself to devote myself to the extension of the Law of Thelema, to study and to expound the same, until such time as, if it be my Will, I pledge myself to aspire to the Grade of Magister.“

The requirements for passage beyond the Grade of Adeptus to the Grade of Magister are:

That the candidate be at least a Lord of the Paths of the Vault of the Adepts.

That eleven years as an Adeptus be completed; and having served on the Council of Elders.

That the Grade of Babe of the Abyss in the A∴A∴ be completed.
And that there be a retirement from all active work in the Order involving contact with groups.

The Pledge-Form of the Magister shall be both identical to the Pledge-Form of the Adeptus along with the following, additional clause:

„I pledge myself to retire from personal association with men or women, to devote myself to the attainment of the Grade of Magister Templi in the A∴A∴, and to promulgate the Law of Thelema by such means other than those involving the personal association aforementioned, unless by special dispensation from the Ultimate Adept.“

„I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star. I am life, and the giver of life; yet therefore is the knowledge of me the knowledge of Death.“

Significant papers that pertain to the Order of Thelema include:

Schedule A: Initiation Rituals including: Liber XXVIII: Septem Regnum Sanctorum or Ceremony of the Seven Holy Kings (given specifically to talented Probationers who have strayed from their Neschamah and as seen fit by application to the Supreme Adept), Temple Opening, Closing and Initiation Ritual of Neophytes (Liber Throa) and Zelators (requiring four witnesses and known as Liber Cadaveris; being the induction of the Zelator of the A∴A∴ into the Order of Thelema.

Schedule B: Liber C, Emblems & Modes of Use, and other principle Alchemical papers involving general study and experimentation of the Great Work by those Adepts whom have succeeded TO MEGA THERION in this noble Art.

Schedule C: Includes the general plan of the AOM and the AMHR (along the with GCL) which is also known as Sepher Colloquium. These are to be put before all members of the Order along with the requirements to serve these orders by direct involvement until the Great Retirement.

Schedule D: The Codicils of the Council of Elders; being that which binds them together with and unto the service of those Magisteri; all of whom are the Imprimatur of the A∴A∴.

“Love is the law, love under will.”