Baphomet X°

A Memorandum on O.T.O. Policy

19—. ev.

by Aleister Crowley

Printed in The Equinox III:10, edited by Hymenaeus Beta X° ]

This is another previously-unpublished “policy statement“ by Baphomet X° (elsewhere in this issue he humorously terms them “pronunciamenti“) that touches on a wide range of subjects, including advancement to the VII°, finance, international growth and the creation of Grand Lodges. This paper was but recently uncovered, so naturally, in the absence of such written guidance, modern policy on these subjects evolved somewhat differently. However, knowing our predecessors’ stated policy provides clear guidelines for the future, and this document (and others like it) will be given due consideration. — H.B.

IN VIEW OF THE FACT that the Master of the Oasis is expected to entertain Brethren from distant cities and the like, it is highly desirable that he should be in a position to do so with all proper dignity. It will in all cases be much best if lodges are actually held in a Profess-House of the Order. And it will therefore be best whenever it is possible for those who wish, to occupy the post of Master, to qualify directly for the seventh degree by making their own house a Profess-House of the Order.

In future the finances of the Order will be simplified in the following manner: half of all the receipts of any Lodge or Chapter must be sent to the Grand Treasurer General. From the fund thus built up, the general obligations of the Order will be met. Where Lodges are in special need of financial assistance grants may be made.

In future Charters will be given whether to colonies, dependencies, or provinces in the following manner: In order to start a Grand Lodge, there must first be three people holding the seventh degree under the sanctuary of the Gnosis. These persons then send a petition asking for leave to work. This is granted by a charter authorizing them to work up to C.P.I. They are at liberty to form as many lodges as they can, to work up to the third degree, but they are advised not to delegate their power beyond that point. As soon as one hundred and eleven members in any district have reached the grade of Perfect Initiate they may apply for further leave to work up to the seventh degree. On the receipt of such a petition special regulation will be issued to meet the case.

It is of the utmost importance that all Brethren wishing to obtain or to be confirmed in the seventh degree should qualify immediately for that grade, as the bona fides of the Order are involved in their doing so. The principles of the Order now having been widely advertised so that it is impossible any longer to explain to each applicant how far they are being carried into effect, all regulations will therefore be enforced stringently from this time.