Baphomet X°

Regulations on Greetings

1916. ev.

by Aleister Crowley

Printed in The Equinox III:10, edited by Hymenaeus Beta X° ]

A letter addressed to Lodges and issued by Aleister Crowley through George Macnie Cowie concerning the use of our standard greetings in 1916.

This is the word of Baphomet to all members of the O.T.O.


In opening the Lodge in any grade, the R[ight] W[orshipful] M[aster][1] as he opens the book will say, „Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.“ In closing, the second officer will say this before saying, „I declare the Lodge closed accordingly.“

In greeting any other person, even a stranger, this may and should be said. i.e., „Pleased to make your acquaintance. Do what, etc.“ If the person is one of us, let him reply: „Love is the law, love under will.“ This should be the regular morning greeting in a household; also at „Good-night.“ It is not obligatory, though it is desirable to make it a habit. It may be omitted to a Superior, if you are afraid (but why should a King have a superior or be afraid?) that he will think you mad. All letters, especially official O.T.O. or A∴A∴ letters, should open with that sentence, and close with „Love is the law, love under will.“

In conferring a grade, at the obligation, say „Do what, etc., I will and do declare you a man and a brother“ or whatever it is. Also, closing, after F.F.F.[2] all add „The Word of the Law is Thelema.“ The phrase should also be employed on all solemn occasions of consent. This I have used in accepting a pupil, „Do what, etc. I, So-and-So, will and do take the, So-and-So, for my son (or daughter).“ He or she replies in the same terms using „father“ instead of son.

Repeat this for „brother“ and „sister.“ Repeat again for „friend“ and „friend.“ (You can raise the pupil, who is kneeling, at this, by the hand. Embrace for „brother“ and kiss for „friend.“) All this preaching is of supreme A∴A∴ importance. Observe that to revolutionize the world, as I am now about to do, one must not worry over individuals or details. One must take some very simple very deep word which cuts at the heart of things. The Buddha did not attack caste and so on; he just said, „Anatta“ and Hinduism crumbled at the touch. So Mohammed said, „Allahu Achad“ and upset the whole show. I say, „ΘΕΛΗΜΑ.“ Go on, therefore, preaching this and nothing else in season and out of season. You won’t have to wait long for results. You must, however, be ready to explain that it does not mean surrendering to every whim, but the reverse. It involves finding out Who you are and Why you came into this world, and never swerving a hair’s breadth from that Will. It’s Ekagata plus Gnana, more or less, but simpler.

Please observe that since I have adopted the plan of using the greetings as above stated, I have got the favorable notice of several important people. We have to advertise, and that is an A-1 way of doing it, and costs nothing, but a little embarrassment. The first time one does this to a correspondent, one can enclose a Law of Liberty which explains everything very nicely.

Issued to Lodges, Sep.: 1916 EV

By Order of our G[rand] M[aster] G[eneral]

G[eorge] M[acnie] C[owie]