Baphomet X°

with Reference to the Profess-Houses of the Order
and its Colleges of the Holy Ghost

1914. ev.

Promulgated Jan. 1, 1914 ev [an X Sol in 6° Capricorn] by the National Grand Master General Baphomet Xº and read before Lodge No. 1 on Friday May 8, 1914 ev [an X Sol in Taurus]. This previously unpublished policy directive by Baphomet X° touches on regulations governing Profess-Houses of the Order and its Collegia ad Spiritum Sanctum. H.B.

1. These are the privileges of the O.T.O. or M.M.M.

The Summa Rejes of the Tenth Degree shall at any time be entertained at any House of the Order throughout the whole world as befitting their royal rank.

The Members of the Sanctuary of the Gnosis IXº shall also be entertained as is fitting at any time, but a small charge may be made for maintenance according to the rules made for itself by each House.

The Illuminati of the Secret Aeropagus of the Eighth Degree shall have similar rights, but for six months of the year only. The Very Illustrious Sovereign Grand Inspectors General of the Seventh Degree for three months only.

The Illustrious Knights Kadosch and Dame Companions of the Sixth Degree for one month only.

Members of lower degrees by invitation of the Summus Rex of their country.

2. The internal arrangements and rules of each House shall be determined by the Summus Rex but the details not covered by his order shall be left to the discretion of the Overseer or Overseers of each House, who shall be Members of the Fifth Degree at least, appointed from among the poorer Brethren of the Order by the Summus Rex to maintain the House and Estate in order and comfort for the entertainment of the Brethren.

3. These Bye-laws may at any time be amended at the pleasure of the Summus Rex, or by the Executive Council with his approval.

4. The Grand Treasurer shall furnish the Overseer or Overseers with funds as may be needed, and they shall be accountable to him for the proper disposition of the same.