Aleister Crowley

to Liber AL vel Legis

The Book of the Law

This manuscript is a complete collection of commentaries to Liber AL vel Legis yet assembled. It is bound with love under will by Frater Zephyros (in 1998 ev.) and intended for serious students of Thelemic thought. Please note that the comments – both Old and New – by the Master Therion are in plain type. {Bracketed WEH NOTES are by Bill Heidrick}. Comments by Marcelo Motta are in (italics and only in these sections). First comments are from the » Djeridensis Comment «. Those comments in italics in the Djeridensis Comment are Crowley’s. Other comments (I.1-I.20) are from Crowley’s 1923 Tunisia diaries.


In the first edition, this Book is called L. L is the sacred letter in the Holy Twelve-fold Table which forms the triangle that stabilizes the Universe. See “Liber 418”. L is the letter of Libra, Balance, and ‘Justice’ in the Taro. This title should probably be “AL”, “El”, as the ‘L’ was heard of the Voice of Aiwaz, not seen. “AL” is the true name of the Book, for these letters, and their number 31, form the Master Key to its Mysteries.

In order that the ethical and philosophical comment should be “understanded of the common people”, without interruption, I have decided to transfer to an Appendix {WEH NOTE: The Appendix has not yet been recovered.} all considerations drawn from the numerical system of cipher which is interspersed with the more straightforward matter of this Book. In that Appendix will be found an account of the character of this cipher, called “Qabalah”, and the mysteries thus indicated; because of the impracticability of communicating them in verbal form, and of the necessity of proving to the student that the Author of the Book is possessed of knowledge beyond any yet acquired by man.

– Aleister Crowley

(With regard to the above note by A.C., serious students should consult Liber V vel Reguli. the Ritual of the Mark of the Beast, for a more thorough analysis of the Word AL.)